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Avalanche Reveal Jersey for Upcoming Season


The Mountain striping is back!

After nearly a decade of the horrific Reebok Edge Jerseys, Adidas finally stepped in and said enough is enough. This upcoming 2017-18 season, Colorado will be sporting the brand new Adizero jersey which is much more lightweight, durable and breathable in comparison to its predecessor. Oh and did we mention the Mountains are back?!

Going back to their roots, the jerseys have been designed to reflect a similar look to those from the inaugural season.

"We are excited to be able to honor a piece of history, but still give it that new age feel that was needed. Most people in the organization are not only happy for the change but relieved it has finally come." - GM

The new sweaters are set to launch this fall to the general public.

BJ Blanchard

NICE! Thanks for the article. I'm looking forward to new jerseys.

Avalanche Reveal Jersey for Upcoming Season
Out with the old, in with the new? Or should we say vintage?

2017-06-22 09:37:13